Many people buy a Christmas tree to help make their holiday season cheery and bright. However, some worry that if they buy a live tree they will end up with only dead, brown needles all over the floor and maybe even have it cause a fire. So, how can you pick out a good tree and then keep it fresh for the entire holiday season?

Here are the steps to that perfect Christmas tree:

Choosing the best tree from the lot

When getting ready to pick out a Christmas tree to grace your holidays, be sure to look it over and make sure all the needles are green and soft.

Hold it up straight and shake the tree, and see if any needles fall off. If so, pick a different tree, as that one is almost dead and would not last your whole holiday season.

Choosing a healthy, live tree is a very important start to getting the best bang for your buck, as well as keeping your family safe and happy throughout the holiday season [VIDEO] as you enjoy your tree.

Steps to keeping your Christmas tree fresh, perfect

As soon as you get your holiday tree home, cut off part of the bottom of the trunk if you can as this will help it soak up water easier and this helps to keep it fresh longer.

If you don’t expect to put up your tree immediately, then put the tree into a bucket of clean water and place it somewhere shady and cool.

When you get ready to actually put up your tree, be sure to place it into one of the special tree stands that hold a good amount of water. Check the reservoir daily to ensure the water hasn’t all been used and if needed, put in fresh water. This helps to keep the tree fresh.

There are also special preservatives available to help keep the tree fresh and green.

Choosing lighting for your holiday tree

Next come the beautiful and colorful holiday lights that you can choose from to make the tree pretty and bright. Be sure to choose the newer type of lights that don’t create a lot of heat so as to not cause a fire. Never leave your tree lights on if you are going to be out of the house, as this can be dangerous.

If you are using older lights, make sure they all work and that the wiring is not frayed or cracked. Also, don’t plug too many cords into your electric socket so this can overload the circuits and create a fire hazard.

With careful choosing, providing plenty of water and being sure your lighting is proper, you can have a beautiful and safe Christmas tree throughout the entire season.

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