The Thanksgiving leftovers are finally history and thoughts have turned to festively decorating the house and all the rooms with beautiful, colorful Christmas lights. But, hold on. It’s possible that all those bright and cheery Christmas lights are actually slowing down your Wi-Fi speeds.

According to a study done in the UK by the communications watchdog Ofcom, holiday lighting may interfere with Internet connections and make them slower, especially if your router is positioned close to your display.

UK study shows Christmas lights slow down broadband connections

The British study found that out of the millions of homes and offices in the UK, one of the main issues with under-performing Internet connections is slow Wi-Fi. One of the main culprits when connections slow down is interference from other devices, and holiday lighting seems to be the main offender in December when everyone starts to decorate their homes.

Why does this happen? Wi-Fi uses electromagnetic waves to carry all that data from your home router to all of your computers, laptops, tablets and phones.

However, many other things in a normal household emit electromagnetic waves simply because they use electricity, including your holiday lights and decorations.

Other items also cause Internet slowdowns

Likely, there are of course several other electronic devices that could also be slowing down your Wi-Fi connections such as your microwave, lamps, cordless phones on the same frequency, baby monitors, even the pipes in your plumbing system and more, but during the holidays, people tend to be plugging in more and more devices, thus the electricity capacity is strained.

All said and done, you don’t have to despair because there are some things you can try to help your connection remain fast and make those electronic devices, including your Christmas lights, less likely to ruin your Internet browsing or text-sending pleasure.

One of the biggest things to try is to centrally locate your router. The study recommended that the middle of the house is the best possible location.

If you can’t do that, then buy a type of router that detects interference and then boosts the signal strength accordingly.

All in all, Christmas lights aren’t the biggest drain on your Internet speeds, but they do play a part during the holidays, and by keeping your router away from them, along with not using blinking lights, your Wi-Fi speeds could improve.

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