A 2014 survey conducted in Britain showed that more than 52% of those questioned believe in the existence of supernatural forces. The same survey, conducted in 2015 by Chapman University in the U.S., showed that more than 40% of Americans believe that some places are haunted by ghosts. Beyond this, all night incidents have a scientific explanation rather than the idea of a life more hectic after death. Thus, a perceived ghostly presence in the house has one of the four explanations below:

1.The electromagnetic field

For decades, Canadian neurologistMichael Persinger, studied the electromagnetic effects of people's perceptions of ghosts.In particular he studied people's reactions in a special laboratory, where they were invited to put a helmet on theirhead called "God helmet." The researcher found that certain patterns of weak magnetic fields that act on the head of a human, over a period of 15-30 minutes, can create the perception that there is an invisible presence in the room.

2. Infrasound

Infrasound is sound imperceptible to thehuman ear. Only animals can perceive these sounds. Low-frequency vibrations can cause a distinct physiological discomfort. Scientists studied the effect of wind turbines and traffic noise near homes and have shown that low frequency noise causes disorientation, a feeling of panic, changes in heartbeat or blood pressure and other effects that can be associated with the visit ofa ghost.

3. The mold

Shane Rogers,professor of engineering at Clarkson University in the U.S., has spent recent months, seeking places that would be spent paranormal activities and all these places had mold.

Preliminary investigation showed that some types of mold can cause symptoms such as unfounded fear and dementia.

4.Carbon monoxide poisoning

In 1921, the doctor W.H. Wilmer published a story in the journal "American Journal of Ophthalmology" in which he talked about a real family, "H." Family members began to experience strange phenomena since they had moved into an old house. They heard how furniture moved and strange voices were heard in the night, all demonstrating an invisible presence.All ended when it was discovered that a faulty stove filled the house with carbon monoxide, causing visual and auditory hallucinations.

The stove was repaired, and the family H. (so was called in the medical literature) returned to their lives without ghosts.

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