Join in with this fantastic tour on someof the world’s most amazing holiday destinations, where conventional meets style and modern spells awesome!

Venice is Unforgettable

We begin with waking up to an all-imposing view of water flowing all around the building and sunlight streaming off the angles and cornices of all kinds of ancient architecture. Imagine the glare of the Adriatic, with the calls of locals at the Grand Canal, as you sojourn in what has at times been called the most beautiful city of the last century.

Step into Veniceand feel like you walked straight into an age-old Bond adventure, as even the thought of finding one’s way around the Salizada San Stae and out onto the Piazza calls for a good amount of creativity and bravado.

The Hotels

Most hotels in Venice are ancient residences, palaces literally, that now serve the local tourism industry – ‘local’ takes an entirely new meaning in this historic town, which has been home to some of region's most protected artifacts. The "Pallazzos" are virtually mansions that are built in the water, the traditional form of housing in Europe’s most romantic getaway.

Each palace is a few thousand square feet in expanse with balconies overlooking the canal and its Gondolas – the giant boats. Buildings are centuries old and have yet stood the test of time and rising waters, none of which have taken away from their splendor and sense of adventure. Secured and reinforced annually, each mansion is a marvel of architecture, blending modern en suite bathrooms and hot water faucets with gold filigree and ancient blue glass.

Breathe the History

The city boasts of an illustrious history and was known as a major maritime power during the Middle Ages and through the Renaissance. The birthplace of symphonies and operas, this versatile city was also an important center for commerce and trade. The collections of art and glass, including some from the time of the Crusades, that found their way through the halls and canals of this crucial route are well-recorded in books, though what some may not know is that Venice has been home to some of the world’s most famous composers, including Antonio Vivaldi.

The group of 118 small islands, located in Northeastern Italy, is linked by bridges and canals that see scores of water buses and taxis ply through the day, with tourists vying for plum spots to view the markets and spectacular lights. Much replicated by resorts and entertainment habitats worldwide, the real thing is a completely different experience, with the bonhomie and hospitality of the natives making it a truly exotic life experience.

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