Stand-up comedy is a genre that combines humor with satire inan informal manner. This kind of entertainment has its origins in the United States. Comedians are able to implement, in the form of joke,s various aspects of daily routine: from economic and political space to social behavior satires. This genre has became a humorous global phenomenon. This would not have been possible without some remarkable characters who have made this type of show a successful one. In the present article I gather a personal top five list of performers whose style and content I most appreciate.

5. Louis Szekely is an actor, comedian, director. His shows are remarcable.He has a language that tends toward vulgarity. Louis tackles subjects that fit most of the middle class. Among the most important topics Szekely covers are society, family and jobs.

4.Chris Rock is an American comedian. Keeping in mind that he is a black man, his performances are focused on racial dispute in the United States. Chris Rock is the one who through the show from the 90's called "Bring the Pain" has revived this type of comedy and brought it to a new level.

3.Jimmy Carr is a British comedian.Carr leads British humor towards new horizons, often considered too much among conservatives, and this happens without him being vulgar or obscene in the true sense of the words. However, Carr has a personal manner that violates any convention or social custom. The vulgarity of his shows is brutal, but at the same time very sophisticated.

2.Eddie Griffin is an American actor and comedian.

He is known for his role in the movie "Undercover Brother." Griffin's stand-up comedy shows present a unique style. His jokes are accompanied constantly by a dynamism that has brought him fame. His palette of jokes is very extensive: includeing politics, religion, racial disputes and society.

1.George Carlin is the father of modern stand-up comedy. Carlin had a show in which criticism was the basic tool.

Criticisms to the United States Government, against corporations, and religion have crossed the world. Carlin won 5 Grammy Awards. He left an immense cultural heritage. He died in 2008.

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