India, Feb 2015. Fiore Masera and Riccardo Zampetti are on Jaipur for a trip just like any other. They are struck by the stories and the skills of the local craftspeople. Art and traditions, united by a total respect for Man and Nature. Thus was born Flora Garments, the fashion e-commerce created by the passion of who loves to Travel and discover new cultures.

The Flora Garmentsproject takes shape in April 2015, in London, thanks to the work and flair of Fiore Masera and Riccardo Zampetti themselves, the co-founders.

Flora Garments allows you to “take the world with you, wherever you go”, explains Victoria Cheyne, Communication and Content Manager. The idea is precisely to give access to all traditional garments and accessories from various countries in the world. You will find only handmade products, all handpicked by the founders, in total respect for the local economy and traditions.

A window to the world and a connection between people and stories far away from each other. There is no bigger present than being offered another person’s story and feeling part of the rituals and traditions that form the roots of their cultures.

We wanted to replicate the sense of closeness and sharing we felt with the people we met during our travels declared Fiore Masera.

Flora Garments on Kickstarter: there is time until the 18th of December

Although offering products from all over the world is what makes us enthusiastic about our project, it is also our greatest challenge in terms of costs, explained Riccardo Zampetti. This is why they need support -- economic support -- from whomever shares their philosiphy.

If you want to help Flora Garments, you can do it on Kickstarter: the crowdfunding project is active until the 18th of December with a goal of raising 20.000£. Whoever invests in the project will not only allow Flora Garments to expand their own e-commerce to Japan, Korea, Peru, Mongolia and Ukraine, but will also be supporting local handicraft and the traditions of these countries.

In a world dominated by consumerism and where gains win over ethics - says the website of Flora Garments - we try to preserve the beauty of the products resulting from tradition, where each fibre is woven from local history.

A completely new product concept that becomes a sort of tradition guardian. An initiative unlike the usual, with Values in its foundations. Values and ideals that the founders of Flora Garments take very seriously, and that made them join the Where Rainbows Meet charity program, an NGO from Cape Town, South Africa. Here, Flora contributes to spread education and information, and report abuses and crimes.

Maybe, sometimes, humaneness and business can work hand-in-hand.

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