On Friday, Facebook introduced a new music sharing posting format called "Music Stories," that makes it easier and more user-friendly to share music with others rather than posting a long URL to a website. At first, the new song sharing feature will only work for users who have either a Spotify or Apple Music account.

Music Stories will integrate a 30-second clip of a song from streaming sites such as Spotify and Apple Music on News Feeds. Users can stream the clips right from their news feeds, as well as follow links in order to add songs to an Apple Music or Spotify account, and can also buy the song through iTunes.

Music Stories simple to use, works with just a few clicks of the mouse

Anyone who has one of these accounts will merely have to click on “share” and “Copy” in order to paste a song they are listening to on a streaming website and then paste it into their Facebook account page as part of the music sharing, and could also add a few words to comment on the song if desired. Then, any of their followers or friends will be able to see the post and can choose to listen to the song.

New music sharing feature to make music more engaging, easier to share

Facebook’s director of content, Michael Cerda, said that the company created this new music sharing feature in order to make the experience of listening and sharing songs with friends more engaging and to make music a better part of how people experience Facebook. Currently, Facebook is ranked the second most popular website after Google, and the addition of Music Stories will let more than 1.5 billion FB users have the option of using this new feature to bring their favorite tunes to the attention of others.

Facebook free for users, while others like Apple, Google are not

Facebook gets most of its profits from its advertising and has stayed free for its users, while big companies like Apple and Google have paid platforms for music streaming. Spotify can be used by Facebook users and has a free tier that is also paid for by advertising profits, so users don’t have to pay to hear their favorite tunes like they do on Apple or Google platforms.

Spotify, which began in Sweden, is still the biggest online streaming website with about 75 million active users.

Facebook said that while the Music Stories music sharing is currently only available to Spotify and Apple Music users, it will soon add support for other streaming sites.

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