It is still very unusual, but some restaurants started experimenting cooking with insects. Several chefs, worldwide, are interested in the idea. In recent years, 17 countries joined the initiative. In the UK, you can find a restaurant where insects are the main items on the menu.

The European Commission recently approved a law to allow cooking with bugs. The FoodInspection Agency still needs to approve the insects as raw cooking material before they can be produced in large quantities. In order to study every possible risk, this can take years.

Cooking is advisable to reduce the possible risk of contacting diseases.

For generations, in both Africa and Asia, people have been eating bugs. In fact, some cultures regard them as delicacies. There areseveral reasonswhy eating insects should be promoted.

Insects compared to beef are:

  • A verygood source of proteins.They have a high nutritional value.
  • A way to helpsolve the food problemin developing countries.
  • A sustainablesource of food. For example, a cow needs to eat 10 kg of feed to produce 1 kg of meat, while insects need to eat 10 kg of feed to produce 8 kg of food.
  • An environmentally friendly solution in water use and production of ammonia. Bugs consume muchless waterand produce no ammonia. Cattle drink much more water and produce significant amounts of ammonia.
  • Animal friendly.

Today,eating insects can sound like a horrible idea to Western people.

However, maybe it's time toovercomeouraversion."Try it, you might like it."

According to "bug eating" aficionados, some of the more delicious insects are: bees, ants, larvae, cockroaches, termites, scorpions, grasshoppers, crickets and tarantulas. Bugs can be roasted, fried, or cooked in other interesting ways.They can be eaten as a crunchy snack and they appear totaste like nuts. Just think, at your next party you can have a bug bar set up next to your fruit and cheese plate!

Puttinga plate of bugs in front of you may cause you to lose your appetite. A possible remedy for appetite loss is grinding the little critters into a kind of flour. The powder can then be used to make burgers or it can be used as a condiment for other foods. The flour still contains the same proteins and vitamins. However, it is probably easier to consume insects in powder form rather than havinghundreds oftiny little eyeslooking up at you from your plate.

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