Can we live forever? Is there any way to "bypass" death? I am convinced that everyone has wondered this at least once. Cryonics seem to provide an answer to this question.

Some researchers believe that future science will advance so much that people will be resurrected from death. For this reason the company Alcor was founded - a non-governmental organization in Arizona that deals with cryogenic freezing. The clinic representatives said that this experiment is an effort to save lives, although they don't promise another chance for life for their patients.

Matheryn Naovaratpong, a Thai girl who is only two-years-old, is the youngest person in the world who was subjected to cryogenic freezing. The girl's brain was preserved after her death in the the hope that in the future she could be brought back to life.

Destroyed by pain after the child's death from an extremely rare form of cancer, her parents made this decision with the hope that their daughter will live again someday.

Jonathan Head, a BBC journalist, visited the family of the girl who lives in the neighborhood of Bangok.

Sahatorn Naovaratpong, the girl's father, said that they made this decision because they had the desire to do something innovative for their child, something that could save her life. He added that the society's mentality will improve so that people will be able to accept this. The love of the parents for their child made them desperately cling to this dream of science.

Matheryn's brain - or Einz as her loved ones call her - will be put into a well-frozen room to keep it away from the point of death and will be kept there for a long time, until someday, in the distant future, the advanced medical technologies will be able to bring the little girl back to life and a new body will be created for her.

The child's father said that scientists are 100% confident that this will happen. The family was reluctant to do this,but they finally accepted because the health of the young girl got worse every day.

A team from Alcor went to Thailand to oversee the initial phase of cooling of the girl's body.. After the child's death, the Alcor team began an activity called "cryopreservation." It consists of removing the body fluids and replacing them with antifreeze liquid.

These fluids contain particles with a temperature of -120 Celsius degrees that are enabling the body to freeze and the tissues to be irreversibly destroyed and to form ice.

After the girl's lifeless body arrived in Arizona, the brain was removed and preserved in nitrogen at a temperature of -196 Celsius degrees.

Thus, Matheryn Naovaratpong became the 134th patient of the clinic Alcor. Her parents decided that their bodies will also be preserved by cryopreservation after death. In this way they hope they will be able to meet their child someday in the future.

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