Just hearing the words Black Friday can cause some holiday shoppers' mouths to water and their eyes to widenwith the anticipation of bargains and saving money. However, Black Friday can also end up being a time of chaos and crowds, so if you plan to be out amongst the mobs of shoppers this Friday, then you need a Black Friday survival plan.

The biggest tip for surviving shopping on this big day is to plan ahead for every step you are likely to take to find those precious deals. You don’t want to just run to the store or mall with your money or credit cards and go crazy, you need to know what is on sale, where it’s at and have a plan to be one of the lucky shoppers able to cash in on the best deals.

Research in advance

One of the best things to do prior to speeding off to go shopping this Friday is to do your research. What is the one item you simply must have out of these sales? For instance, are you interested in saving money on some type of TV? Then find out which stores are going to offer the best deals on the one you covet and plan to get there early so you won’t miss out on that item.

Many of the stores will release Black Friday sales adsa few days ahead of time, so visittheir websites or look at the newspapers and map it all out.

If store number one is the place to go to get that coveted TV, then mark it and then decide what other items you want and go from there. Be sure to circle the items you want in the ads, and be prepared in case they run out so you can try for the item at a different store that may also have it on sale. Above all, know the hours of operation for the stores of your choice.

Shopping the sales online

Many of the stores will also run special holiday sales on their websites, so if you don’t want to get up early or shop in the middle of the night, you may be able to get those coveted items online while still in your PJs.

If you are a dedicated Black Friday shopper who wants to save on buying things this year, be sure to have your own plan of action, and good luck!

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