Late November is a very important time for Americans. On the last Thursday of the month, the entire United States celebrates Thanksgiving Day, a holiday in which families reunite and thank God for a year full of accomplishments. Thanksgiving Day has a long tradition: That`s why it is a feast that is a tribute to ancestors, founding fathersof America.

Americans are celebrating "Thanksgiving Day" in a particular manner. The decoration of the table follows the traditional model -- brightly colored garlands with the fruits of the Earth, corn, apples, oranges, nuts, dried leaves and mellow grapes -- plough of a cornucopia, symbol of rich autumns.

Flowers may also be present: Imposingbouquets of yellow chrysanthemums, small twigs of berries complete the atmosphere. It is the celebration by which people give thanks for rich harvests. This type of celebration is also present in other countries, but in another manner:In the UK, Thanksgiving is called the Harvest Day, and is celebrated in churches and villages on a Sunday after gathering the crops, without being a particularly important.

Thanksgiving Day was celebrated for the first time in 1621, by the settlers of Plymouth, and the spirit and customs related to this day have remained unchanged.In December 1941, the U.S.

Congress passed a resolution whereby the 4th Thursday of November became officially a national holiday.The idea of gratitude appeared in 1621 when the rich harvest of that year allowed the first settlers to survive. Thus, they decided to bring a tribute to God.

The menu of this day of celebration includes, according to tradition,turkey,fish, lobster, scallops, seafood, pumpkin or pumpkin pie. This is the food that the first settlers would have shared with the Indians.In addition, this day is an occasion in which the nation organizes sports competitions and parades.

It's an occasion through which early settlers are thosewho receive the tributes and praises. Their sacrifice and effort represents the very foundation of the modern American State.And also thanks to God for the rich harvest this year.

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