Belgium has been in the news a lot lately, with regard to the terrorist threats. Many people probably don’t know Belgium, or maybe only as the place where the European Parliament resides. Though it is a very small country with only 10 million inhabitants, they are great with food but modest about it. Here is a list of things you have to taste:

1. French fries with stew.

This is the favorite food of most Belgians. Every family has its own recipe for this beef stew but they all taste delicious. Any self-respecting restaurant serves homemade stew with fries.


This is a kind of casserole with chicken, meat balls and mushrooms in a white sauce, usually served in a puff-pastry.

3.Chicory Gratin.

Chicory is a vegetable that was discovered by accident during the civil war in 1830. It is served with ham, white sauce and cheese after being baked in the oven.

4.French fries with “curry worst”

Like Americans go for a pizza, Belgians go to the “frituur,” a place where they sell French fries with all types of fast food sausages and other kinds of meat.

Although they are called “French fries,” they are actually a Belgian creation. The process of double baking guarantees the best taste..


As Belgium lays on the shore of the North Sea, local fishermen catch a small endemic grey shrimp. It’s a lot of work to peel these little creatures but they taste delicious with tomato and a special sauce.


They have at least 4 different types of waffles, served with chocolate, whipped cream, sugar, strawberries or whatever you like, at least when you’re not on a diet.

7.Belgian pastry.

Even though Belgians are modest, you might say their pastry is even better than French pastry. There is a lot of variety, impeccably finished, made with the best ingredients and simply delicious.

8.Speculaas (gingerbread).

Belgians aren’t not only good with pastry, but they also have a wide variety of cookies and biscuits. The most famous is the speculaas, a crunchy biscuit that is made with brown sugar and a special mixture of different spices (like cinnamon, pepper, nutmeg).

In December very large biscuits are made of this dough for the celebration of Saint-Nicolas.


Belgium has the best chocolate in the world. The famous pralines are a Belgian invention where the best chocolate is combined with delicious fillings.


The one and only beer country in the world: 726 beers are registered, either from the big breweries or small local breweries that make their own brew in the garage. Going from pale ale to very dark beer, made of grain or fruit, with little or high alcohol percentage, you’ll find it there.

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