Patricia Pearson, a Canadian jurnalist who has a passion for paranormal, started an investigation that lasted five years to find out what happens after death. After these investigations she wrote the book "Heaven's Door Opening: Investigating Stories of Life, Death, and What Comes After."Patricia's curiosity aboutthe subjectwas caused by the death of people she loved that affected her.

In these five years she has interviewed many people who worked with patients who where dying. Among the curiosities that she found was he fact that people knew exactly what their destination was and when they get there, the fact that the first sign appears 72 hours before their death and the fact that deceased relatives or friends come back.

It seems that, 72 hours before passing away, pleople start talking about their journey towards the light by using metaphors. Patricia says that when her sister was dying from breast cancer she said that she didn't know how to leave and she needed help to fly.

Maggie Callanan, a nurse who talked with the journalist, reported cases of patients who asked her to help them go to a certain destination. For example, a man who was suffering from pancreatic cancer asked the nurse if his wife understood everything about the ticket and the passport.

Karlis Osis and Erlendur Haraldsson, researchers and professors of psychology at the University of Iceland have analyzed the phenomenon, comparing the experiences of people near death from United States and India. Although the phenomenon was initially attributed to drugs, most people who where awake an hour before they passed away said they met with their deceased relatives, whether or not they took drugs.

The famous light at the end of the tunnel, which most people describe much the same, is perceived by the people who die as a strong feeling of love and safety. A doctor involved in a plane crash, Yvonne Kason, compared the lightwith maternal love and she said that she felt safe, like a baby on her mother's shoulder who had been lost and found her way.

Curiously, in some cases, this light can be seen even from people who are alive.

Joan Borysenko, an American psychologist, told a story about her mother's death. She and her teenage son had seen the room lighting up and the spirit of the old woman leaving her body.

It seems that in some cases, the deceased say goodbye to their relatives who are still alive. The study says that 50% of people feel, at some point, the presence of their deceased loved ones. The journalist Patricia Pearson has experienced this. She tells how, one night in 2008, her father died suddenly, although he was not sick. Her sister, Katharine, who was in her bedroom, felt a presence in the room and somebody caressed her head.

This happened before she found out that her father died.

Psychiatrists believe that these phenomena are explained by hallucinations caused by the pain of losing the loved ones. Yet, no one can explain why these hallucinations can appear even though the person has not yet learned about the death of the person whose presence they can feel.

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