Many herbs have been used since ancient times to treat those infections caused by bacteria are now resistant to antibiotics.

Recent research in medicine were considered plants that can treat diseases resistant to antibiotics. Since time before the historical record, the plants were used as the primary cures for humans.

They found several plants with a stronger effect than conventional antibiotics and there is scientific results they prove effective.


Acacia - species of this plant are very useful for treating ulcers of any segment of the gastrointestinal tract against excess mucus, catarrhs, diarrhea, dysentery, infections, and bleeding gums.


Aloeand honey are perhaps the most powerful substances that can be applied externally to promote healing of injuries from burns and prevent infection.

They burned tissue remain hydrated, calm and restore damaged tissue in the body fluids lost through the skin directly.Meanwhile, anti-inflammatory and antibacterial they are strong. It is almost impossible for a staphylococcal infection to settle when one of these substances is applied to the burned skin.


Cryptolepis is a plant that has been used successfully for centuries to treat malaria, various types of fever and bloody diarrhea. As the malaria parasite has developed a resistance to the growing synthetic drugs, medical researchers worldwide have turned their attention to traditional medicines to find alternative treatment. Cryptolepis proved to be remarkably effective!


Echinacea treatment is unmatched in three situations: abnormal Pap smear (pap), streptococcal infections of the throat and in the early stages of cold and flu. It is extremely useful as an additive to powders and ointments antibiotic for external applications on burns, wounds and skin infections, but also as a douche for venomous bites and stings.


Eucalyptus - the results of tests made ​​by researchers worldwide have confirmed that eucalyptus is one of the representatives of the broad-spectrum antibiotics against resistant diseases. Although there have been many studies to detect effects in animals at people know best use. A major advantage of the plant and essential oil is that their fragrance is pleasant, especially in a room of sick or ill himself.

This invigorating smell of the plant is in its way a strong supplement to the healing process, helping to alleviate depression it is installed inevitable result of long and serious illness.

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