From castles and Roman ruins to art galleries and wild landscapes, Europe offers tourist a wide range of sights. However, what makes Europe one of the most visited continents is its cities. Besidesthe well-known cities like London, Paris or Barcelona, which are the most visited from Europe, there are some interesting cities that should definitely be seen.

5. Cluj-Napoca

The European Youth Capitalin2015and also one of the big cities from Romania, Cluj-Napoca has began, in the current year, to be increasingly visited. Among the most fascinating tourist sights from here there are: "Tailors' bastion", "Unirii square", "St.Michael's Church" and "National Theater".

Furthermore, many students from other countries come to Cluj in order to study at Babes-Bolyai University -an internationally recognized university.

4. Amsterdam

Etymological, Amsterdam comes from the word ''Amstel''- which is the name of a river which cross the city- and ''dam'' - that has the same meaning like in english (barrage). Regarding the sights Amsterdam is famous for ''Van Gogh Museum'', ''Red neighborhood'', ''Madame Tussauds Museum'' and for ''The Royal Palace'' as well. There are also other sights in Amsterdam that worth seeingsuch as ''Vondel Park" or ''Anne Frank's house".

3. Prague

The capital of Czech Republic - Prague- is a city filled with tourist sights and amazing locations which can be explored days, months or even a lifetime.

Some of the interesting places from Prague are: "Prague Castle", "Dancing house", "Carol Bridge" and old Town. Regardless of season, the city has its charm and will make every person there feeling like in a fairy tale.

2. Moscow

Despite the political issues which Russia nowadays is involved in, its capital remains an attractive and fascinating city from Eastern European area.

Therefore, tourists from all over the world visited or at least heard about "The Kremlin" - a fortification and an important historical center- or about "The Red Square" - the place from where all the ways starts. Moreover, in Moscow there isa significant monument of Christianity namely - "Saint Basil's Cathedral".

That's why Moscow should be visited with any occasion by every person.

1. Florence

The capital city of Tuscanyarea and one of the most populated cities of Italy, Florence is well-known due to its history and importance in Middle Ages and inRenaissance,especially for its art and architecture. A commercial and economical center, being one of the richest towns of all the time, Florence is considered to be the birth place of Renaissance.

Related to its sights,there are outstanding buildings like: "Uffizi Gallery", " Pitti Palace", "Medici Palace", "Santa Maria Novella church" but also "Michelangelo Square" and many other places which have a big value not only for Italian history but for European history too.

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