Transylvania is a beautiful province in Romania which combine traditional style, especially in rural places why modern style of towns and cities. In fact, Transylvania is a place of rare beauty, in which nature encounter humans in a perfect harmony. This harmony is maintained by people with a powerful attachment for beauty and nature, more precisely by the peasants, with their healthy and unique style of life. Moreover, Transylvania has a lot of wonderful villages, but this three of them are distinguished from others.


Şirnea is a village that is seems out from the books of J.R.R. Tolkien.

It is located in district Brasov, at the foot of Mountain Piatra Craiului, at an altitude of around 1400 meters. In 1960, Sirnea village was declared first touristic village in Romania because of its landscapes and nowadays there are o lot of interesting events hosted by this village. One of them is named The fire of Sumedru (who is theprotector of crops), in which teenagers from village at the 25 October every year, dress with their traditional clothes and dance near a great fire.


Viscri is a locality with a population around 1000 people, which was known worldwide, since Prince Charles bought a house there.So, after only few photos, it is not very hard to understand why the heir of England's throne loves this place.People from Viscri are very hospitable and they offer traditional dishes for every tourist that go in their village.

Also, in the village is a great fortified church from thirteenth century which now is part of UNESCO.

1. Biertan

Hidden between hills and forests, a tiny settlement named Biertan is the spiritual and traditional center of district Sibiu. With a history of around 800 years, Biertan hold the beauty of villages of yore, because of its old traditional architecture .The way that village was built with houses with reddish roofs in mix with nature makes a breathtaking landscape.All these outstanding construction together with the beautiful citadel fortified of Biertan determined inclusion on UNESCO World Heritage list.

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