In the near beautiful forests of Carpathian Mountains range, a little settlement has been found by people who lived in Neolithic age (about 9500 BC). Situated in a strategic point, the king of Hungary invited German colonist to develop mines, towns and agriculture in this area of Brașov.With its central location, Brașov is a suitable location from which to explore Romania, and the distances to several tourist destinations (including the monasteries in northern Moldavia, the wooden churches of Maramureș andthe Black Searesorts) are similar.

Culture and education made their place very early in the life of Brasov. It is enough to remember the first Romanian school of Schei apparently occurred before 1399, with its own teachers and their own printing press. The works shown here have spread all over Romanian space.The Black Church is one of the most representative monuments of Gothic architecture in Romania dating from the fourteenth and fifteenth centuries. With a length of over 89 meters, it is considered to be the largest church in Romania.

The Gothic building was partially damaged by fire in April 1689, when its walls were slandered and received its current name, Black Church.

Brașov's industrial development began in the interwar period, when there was established the aircraft factory "IAR" (1925). This produced the first Romanian aircraft, used during the Second World War against the Soviet Union. Today many foreign companies have set up laboratories and production in Brașov, so an important part of the city's economy is based on services, construction and light industry.

In fact, the historic city center itself is a museum with impressive buildings by its size and architectural decorations. You can not pass through town without seeing in its center, Rope street, the narrowest street in Europe. Tampa Nature Reserve, located also in city center, offers a great view for any visitor who climbs the mountain top by cable car or serpentine. The famous ski resort of Poiana Brașov, 13 km from the city, was one of the first resorts in which international ski competitions were organized, equipped with even a trampoline.

Other attractions for tourists near by Brașov are Bran Castle (the Castle of Dracula), Râșnov Fortress or Prejmer Fortress.

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