Brain is the most important part of a Human Body. Brain not only enables you to think and act but also it the so many works assigned to make our body function properly. You may also know that brain has the capability to repair itself and the process known is “Neuro genesis”. But there are many human activities which damage the brain directly or indirectly. Few of them are listed as follows.

1.Skipping your breakfast

Many people skip there breakfast without knowing that it can cause brain damaging. Breakfast is the first meal of the day, it give you power and remarkable strength to work for the whole day.

Skipping you breakfast may lead to increase in body sugar level. Since there is no supply of nutrients to the brain which is required and your brain is damaging day by day. So don’t forget to take the breakfast even if you are too busy!

2.Overeating decreases mental power

Eating now a then may not only make you obese, but this may also cause damaging as it hardens the arteries and make you overreact on any situation.

3.Smoking causes brain

Smoking is injurious to health”- this you may have seen many time but today i will tell you how it affects your brain and damage it. While smoking you are consuming tobaccos, they make your this part shrink. Your thought process gets affected. It damages you indirectly and slowly.

Quit smoking today.

4.Air Pollution

Our mind needs fresh air to repair its cell and replenish them. But air pollution cuts on oxygen and increases the amount of Carbon-di-oxide. The environment pollution damages our nerve cells and makes it inefficient.

5.Over consumption of sugar

It stops the absorption of protein through, which can cause overacting, poor memory.

And you may also found it difficult to learn and remember the things.

6.Putting stress on brain

When you are ill, your body and brain need rest.It tries to help your body to recover fast and get rid of illness. Working at that moment, burden on your mental part. Give time to to repair its cells and then it will function properly.

7.Decline of sleeping

We all know that sleeping is very important; it lets your mind to take rest. Everybody should take at least have six hour of uninterrupted sleep otherwise your brain cell will dies of exhaustion.

8.Covering head

Never cover your head while sleeping. It increases the carbon-di-oxide around you and decrease the amount of oxygen and remember your nerve system need fresh oxygen not carbon-di-oxide.

9.Lack of conversation

When we talk to someone our brain is continuously analysing the things and prepare us to talk in turn. It increases your thinking skills. But when we don’t do so then there chance that our brain may shrink. And we would not be able to optimize the brain to the fullest.Health is wealth so always care about your health.These are some the most brain damaging habits try to avoide these habits.

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