Obesity and type 2 diabetes are two threats showing up more and more in both children and adults, and a new study claims that sugary food calories are the biggest threat to people’s health. Calories from sugar are believed to be a cause of type 2 diabetes and obesity, as well as other metabolic diseases like hypertension and heart disease.

The study was done by Robert Lustig, a San Francisco pediatrician who wrote the book, “Fat Chance: The Hidden Truth About Sugar.” The study involved 43 obese children who were being treated at his clinic and it showed that when the children’s diet of sugary food calories was replaced with the same amount of starchy food calories, their metabolic illnesses reversed in 10 days.

Calories Are Not Equal, Sugary Food Calories Act Like Alcohol

Most people believe that the reason some people become obese is because they eat too many calories. However, this study showed that all calories are not equal; sugary food calories are worse than others and have a similar effect as alcohol on the human body.

While sugar is natural and can provide energy, that is all it does. In this way it is similar to alcohol in that it provides calories, but nothing nutritious. In fact, alcohol comes from the fermentation of sugar. Just like alcohol, high amounts of sugar can hurt the body and lead to problems like diabetes, obesity and fatty liver disease, as well as tooth decay, and other problems.

Removing Sugar from Diet Improves Health

Sugar is a known main contributor to someone getting metabolic syndrome, which is actually a group of conditions that include high blood sugar, high cholesterol, abdominal fat and high blood pressure. This is not related to either the number of calories eaten or any weight gain.

The study showed that if sugar calories are removed from a child’s diet, their metabolic health getsimproved. In addition, sugar has been shown to be addictive like alcohol.

While obesity is rising worldwide about one percent a year, cases of diabetes are going up four percent a year. This shows that diabetes is not caused merely by being obese, as many diabetics are not overweight.

Studies have therefore shown that there is a connection between sugar calories and health problems.

The children in the study ate the same amount of calories, except that none of the foods in their meals had any added sugar. The children didn’t lose weight, but even so, when all the sugary food calories were removed, there were significant improvements in their metabolic health.

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