Tattoos, once a symbol of rebellious teenager, have now become common " accessories". However, with age, a tattoo done in a moment of life can turn into regret and, moreover, its presence in a visible place can have consequences for social life or work. Doctors aestheticians worldwide have noted an increase in the number of patients seeking tattoo removal, either because they went into another stage of life, either because they were poorly executed or placed in inappropriate places total.

Laser intervention, the most effective method of removing tattoos

Several years ago, removing a tattoo by replacing the tattooed skin or burning chemical, but both methods are held version whichintervention unsightly scar or trace.

Today, tattoo removal is done by laser, care and act only at the level of pigment and doesn't violate any skin version. The method requires several sessions to complete tattoo removal, laser gradually acting upon pigments and uncoloring it progressevly.

The laser acts on the pigment without affecting the version number has any skin "Tattoo removal using lasers Q-switch is the most effective method that aesthetic medicine offers. Lasers Q-switch only destroy the pigment in depth skin without number has an affect on this.

The procedure is usually performed using anesthesia ice cream even with the injection of anesthesia or anesthetic, depending on the area in caring person is working or sensitivity, "explains Dr.

Calin Dobos plastic surgeon. The number of sessions required to remove a tattoo depends on the color, density, depth or type of pigment used, so it is difficult to say from the beginning how many sessions are needed procedure. The easiest removed black and dark blue, more difficult to find out out red, green or yellow.

Next Version after surgery, the VA and redness swell like the procedure for realization of tattooing. It recommends applying a moisturizer care to feed and protect the area daily for four weeks. The price of such an intervention with laser, Q-switch version varies depending on the surface and tattoo pigment density, the number of meetings taking care to eliminate this.

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