There are a lot ofhydratating creams and other cosmetics for your skin.These products are already prepaired, packed in small boxes, convenient and easy to apply on the skin.But the using of olive oil is not as simple as it seems to be: combined with other ingredients or simply pouring it on your body, it has miraculous effects.

In fact, using both glass the oil soaps and products based onolive oil skin careis like having the best of both "sides".

  • Soft and shiny hair. olive oilis rich in fatty acids can penetrate the hair cuticles, softening dried ones. Celebrity stylists and beauticians recommend to put a few drops of this substancepalm and rub until the skin begins to glow. Then massage your hair with oil from peaks.
  • Moisturizing skin. Apply oil every night on the face, around the eyes and wrinkles. You'll notice how the morning your skin will be softer and smoother.
  • Cleanser. If you blush with eyeliner, mascara and blush, as do the women to put their eyes out, certainly you know how hard it is to cleanse. A cleanser is easy to use in a drawer in the kitchen! Apply a small amount of oilon a cotton pad and makeup removal around the eyes will be a breeze!
  • Soak your elbows. It is commonplace to observe that the spring and summer of sharp elbows. But why not take care of all year aceastp "alligator"? So whether it's time for the beach or just a dinner out, you'll have one less concern regarding your physical appearance! Soak your elbows in a bowl with warm oliveliquid(you can heat in the microwave). Repeat as often as necessary, and your elbows will be softer than ever!
  • Strecth. Both women and men can face these small and depressing marks on the skin that occur on the abdomen, buttocks, hips, thighs or breasts. Although they appear most often on the abdomen, in the last months of pregnancy, they can also be found in people who lose weight or lose muscle faster. To remove these marks on the body, massage the area with olive oil at least twice a day and you will see that results will appear!
  • Sexy legs. Because your feet become soft and velvety, first soak them in vinegar, then rub them with this oily liquidfirm. For a faster effect, you can leave the oil to act overnight!
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