Kevin Jenkins is a phenomenal blues/soulful Americana musician who has had amazing experiences during his career of 38 years. He has traveled to popular cities, such as Tokyo, London, and New York, to share his breathtakingly rich music globally. His latest album Til the Story’s Told is a blend of blues and alternative rock and appears to be divinely inspired. It was released on June 9th.Even though some of his songs have religious characteristics relating to Christianity, I believe his music can appeal to a wide audience of people, including those who are not Christians. In his music, Kevin shows that he is intrinsically motivated, with dynamic vocal production, high-spirited lyrics, and vividly upbeat instrumentals.

Vocal display

Kevin is the lead vocalist in all of his songs, yet he has received help from a few other singers. They are Tomas Doncker, Michael Faulkner, and Heather Powell. Kevin's singing is bright and expressive in execution. His voice is very heartfelt and gutsy. I reasoned that he is a raw and somewhat moody vocalist with sounds that are tasteful enough for rock/blues music. His singing conveys passion and sincerity, which gave me a good impression of his power to move listeners emotionally. His warmhearted and easy-moving sounds can really stir one's soul.

Favorite song for vocals: “Spirit In The Sky”


Besides Kevin himself, you can hear instrumentation displayed by Tomas Doncker, Mo Roberts, Michael Faulkner, Nick Rolf, David Barnes, and Alan Grubner through the album.

They play a variety of instruments: guitar, bass guitar, drums, keyboards, harmonica, and violin. The instrumentals are vivacious and folksy. Their composition is very deep and earnest, which has such a captivating output in songs like “Why.” What stood out to me the most in terms of instrumentation is the violin-playing.

It sounds so strikingly beautiful and stunning in the song “Janie’s Silver Lining.” Overall, the background music has a notably zealous impact on my musical taste buds.

Favorite song for instrumentals: “Why”

Lyrical essence

The depth of the lyrics is celestial and homely. The song lyrics touch on matters such as love, relationships, and otherworldly experiences that can encourage listeners to seriously reflect.

Religious connotations are stylishly evident within some songs, which indicates Kevin's courage to make known his faith to the world. The lyrics are lively and audacious, making them fit in well with the sensible texture of other musical elements. For instance, the song “Kings of Everything” seems to boldly confront the issue of income inequality that negatively affects so many people. It is a song worth appreciating.

Favorite song for lyrics: “Kings Of Everything”

Final thoughts

I give Kevin Jenkins’ latest album a 8.5 out of 10 rating. His record has shown me why he got opportunities to open concerts for popular artists, such as Michael Jackson, The Police, Tina Turner, Joe Cocker, and BB King.

He shows a lot of potential to grow his talent beyond the scope of his current album. The music industry could benefit greatly by having more artists like him.

Click the image below to listen to the lead single from his record. Any comments?

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