Texan musician Michael Hubbard is a promising rhythm and blues artist with a sensible collection of songs that comprise his latest album The Breakup. The album was released on August 14th and features several other musicians besides Michael himself. After listening to this album, I sensed that Michael is a rather dynamic R&B musician with alternative sounds that extend beyond generic R&B music of the mainstream industry. Even though his tracklisting is relatively short, the album is packed with songs that fit a variety of moods.

They all are not party songs, and they all are not serious songs for contemplation. They are a mixture of both, so people who love to unwind with this album’s genre of music can do so in an energetic as well as laidback way. Overall, this music emits positive and uplifting sensations centered on none other than love, a common topic of R&B melodies.

Vocal display

Lead singers of the album are Brittni Jessie, Richmond Punch, Antwyn Jackson, Shaniqua Williams, Denise Baker, Naquiyah Hodges, and Quentin Moore.

The vocal production of the songs is generally smooth and sweet-sounding. The singers’ voices are filled with emotion and soul. The way they execute notes is very deliberate and pleasant. What I noticed about the singing of all the songs is that there are not many high notes expressed; it appears to be closely tied to that of a typical alto or bass range. As a result, the musicians add mellow and soothing qualities to the songs that make them easy on the ears.

Favorite song for vocals: “Never Enuf”


The instrumentals are very urban and catchy. They are modern and rich in expression, with a hint of techno sounds here and there. Although the album is primarily of a rhythm and blues nature, I could hear not only stylings of techno but classical and jazz music, as well. I think the alternative direction Michael is taking with his album shows that he is very open to incorporating different sounds that attract people of various musical languages.

It makes his music sound refreshing and fashionable. The blend of slow-paced and fast-paced instrumentation is well-organized and amusing.

Favorite song for instrumentals: “Time”

Lyrical essence

The lyrics dig deep into intimate relationship matters that many people can relate to. Some of the songs express confronting problems between two lovers with a bold attitude. A theme that is present in the album is having the willpower to overcome interpersonal troubles with a solid sense of identity and worth. They can encourage listeners to embrace enough confidence and audacity to engage in self-love without being completely torn apart by the brokenness tied to shattered dreams of affection.

Overall, the lyrics are a combination of being serious, fun, deep, daring, and flirty.

Favorite song for lyrics: “Fore You’re Gone”

Final thoughts

I give Michael Hubbard’s latest album a 7 out of 10 rating. I appreciate the tuneful singing, but I think it needs to be structured better in order to produce sharper sounds. The music does have swag with a fabulous arrangement of vocal and instrumental abilities. It does remind me of popular artists, such as D’angelo and Aaliyah.

Listen to The Breakup for yourself with the link below. What are your thoughts?

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