Bitter’s Kiss is a talented New Jersey singer/songwriter with a rather sober taste in music. Bitter’s Kiss is also known as Chloe Baker, and music has always been a prominent aspect of her life since she was a young girl. She is now a student at High Tech, which is an arts school located in North Bergen, NJ. Chloe's latest album Bitter’s Kiss is an alluring pop record that displays thoughtfulness about her own life and the world around her. It was released on March 31st with the help of her father/producer Michael Baker.

Her musical style is poetic, discerning, and melodramatic. I must say this young lady has a way with words that gives her songs notable depth. Her music is very attention-grabbing and heartfelt.

Vocal display

Bitter’s Kiss has a lovely, calm, and clear singing voice. She sounds as though her vocal presence mainly lies within the alto singing range. Her singing is very fresh and youthful, which complements the flowy and light-hearted instrumentation of her songs. As I listened to her album, she left me with the impression of her voice having a piercing glow that is sweet-sounding to the ears.

Chloe's singing is not hefty or intrusive but instead airy and graceful. There is an intriguingly honest quality about her voice that makes the lyrics sound believable.

Favorite song for vocals: “Bitter’s Kiss”


Bitter’s Kiss is responsible for playing some of the guitar and piano in her songs. Michael is also responsible for playing guitar, piano, bass, and drums in Chloe's record. Even though her album applies to the pop genre of music, the instrumentation of her songs don't make me want to dance.

I don't mean to imply that in a negative way either. The composition of the instrumentals is indeed animated but is also very moody and serious, which encourages me to contemplate about intrinsic things rather than dance or party. That is strongly influenced by the lyrics, too. Most of the songs are profoundly ambient, which adds a tastefully somber energy to the music.

Favorite song for instrumentals: “The Rope”

Lyrical essence

Bitter’s Kiss has positively impressed me with her songwriting abilities.

The lyrics are substantially reflective and virtuous in nature. They illustrate that she is quite comfortable with engaging in deep-seated thinking. Chloe shows fearlessness in expressing the joys and pains that are common characteristics of the human experience. A wonderful example of that is the song “Love Won’t Make You Cry,” as it provides a pleasant and truthful depiction of what love really is. The big take away is that love is never a source of pain but is always a suitable solution for dealing with painful problems in life.

Favorite song for lyrics: “Love Won’t Make You Cry”

Final thoughts

I give Bitter’s Kiss a rating of 8 out of 10.

I think she has enough musical authority to be an inspiring role model to other young and aspiring artists interested music. The sensitivity she has toward complexities of human nature indicates she is very mature for her age and is bound to advance in her talent. The vocal production and instrumentation of her songs reminds me of FKA Twigs.

Feel free to listen to a few songs by clicking the image below. What are your thoughts?

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