Coffee lovers know that there are very many kinds of caffeine-based drinks, which can be so delicious, even addictive!Besides, several studies show long-term health benefits of moderate consumpition of coffe.The coffee shops andrestaurants find, most of the times, a long list of coffees to choose from, such as cappuccino, mocha or latte. But you know what represents each? How much milk or honey contains each one of them?Here is a "guide" ofcoffees that we need to know, especially if you claim that you love coffee!


The most common and most effective caffeine-based drink is espresso. Extremely simple to do, to get this refreshing liquid youjust need a little shot of coffee, about 30 ml.Unlike most coffee, Espresso is a highly flavored drink, and is obtained by adding a stream of pressurized hot water over the freshly ground coffee beans.It is consumed without milk and usually without sugar.

It's a small amount, but believe me, takes effect quickly!


This drink is a kind of "shock" to the body, because it is made from a highly concentrated shot of espresso (22 ml) and has an energizing effect immediately.


A traditional Italian Capuccino is obtained from a single shot of espresso (about 30 ml), where youwill add two equal parts of boiled milk and milk foam (about 60 ml each) and is served in a pre-heated cup.


When you're craving for "something sweet" a coffee mocha is the ideal choice! Espresso is made of 60 ml, 30 ml chocolate syrup, and boiled milk.This drink will be a true delight!


Latte recipes vary widely, but a general "definition" could be: a double espresso, placed in a pre-heated cup, topped with boiled milk and "decorated" with foam.

In general, amounts are: 60 ml of espresso and 300 ml of boiled milk.


If you love the aroma of espresso, but you do not like how quickly it ends, you'll be extremely happy to know that Americano is just another type of that coffee! Classic recipe is something like a shot of espresso (30 ml) and two parts water (60 ml).


No! This is not far from espresso drink, which is the main ingredient. So, a shot or two of espresso (60 ml max) and get some milk foam over a Machiatto delicious!


Also known as the "long Machiatto", this drink is made up mainly of boiled milk and milk foam, plus very little (about 15 ml) of espresso.

Also, for richerflavor, this beverage ingredients may be added vanilla, chocolate or cinnamon.


The well-known "iced coffee" is a delicious drink, ideal especially in the hot summer days. It is extremely easy to be performed, having just a shot of espresso and lots of ice. You can add sugar or cream to taste.

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