Love is most wonderful feeling of the world. The whole universe exists because of this affection, attraction and love. Like the law of gravity with bind us to our earth, similarly love binds two people together. It’s not a physical force, but the force which is even stronger than rock and deeper than ocean. But there is difference between “love” and “true love”. True love is like addiction from which you will never want to come out. It is an endless job without expecting anything from your partner. True love has no boundary. Its depth is hard to measure only what you want is to go deeper and deeper.

What it is important to realise that is your love a “True Love”. Here are the sign which will let you know that your affection is true.

Getting early morning thoughts of them

When you get up, your mind is fresh. The first thought occupied in your mind is of him/her. They have not only taken the space in your life but in your thoughts as well. Thinking of them brings an automatic smile on your lips. You start thinking of the reason to meet him/her.

Person with which you are more comfortable

In our life we meet different person, some in our professional life and other in our personal life. What when you find that one, for which your feelings are true. You will share all your thoughts, liking and even the silly things.

It feels complete when around

True love is such a special felling that with him/her you want to stay forever. They complete you. And without, you feel alone. That’s why they are one in thousand. You only wish for their company and time fleets away when they are with you and without them it feels like time is still.

Day dreaming

It is one of the most common things which happen to everybody fallen in love- “Day Dreaming”. When you listen to song, you thought of him/her. You feel like dancing, singing with them. Want to share every single moment with him/her. And when you see them, it is like no one is there, only you and she.

“True Love” is such an overwhelmed feeling.

Like to go Childish

Every person has a child in him, he want that someone will care for him and her. And it is a well known fact that the person whom you love too much, you can only open your heart in front of them. When you find such a person, then, yes you are in Love.

Never Expecting the Person to change

If you are in True love, you will accept the person as he/ she is, you will never expect any change in them. You will like their liking. Doing little things for him/her will make you happy. Their looks rarely matters. You will start loving even the things, you never thought you would ever like.

This is all about true love. So cross your fingers, and see when your time will come, to experience this amazing feeling.

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