A clean skin is a dream of every girl. Hey wait not only girls but of all age group. Clean skin naturally not only looks good to see but also enhance you self confidence, a person with poor skin gets embarrass to face any public meeting. This problem may have many reasons. But don’t worry there is always a solution to any problem. Today I will disclose certain facts that will help you to get back to the clear skin you ever desire of.

Know Your Skin Type

First and the most important is to know that what is the type of skin you are born with. Since skin type will let you know, what skin problem you can face and also you can find the correct remedy to cure this.

Like pimple are most commonly found problem in the girls or boys with oily skin as their skin secrete more oil over our nose and near the T-area of you face.

Eating & Drinking Habits

Most of the skin problem is due to impurities present in blood. We only consider and concerned about the outer part.But cause may be deep inside. If you really want to clear your skin, then drink lots and lots of water, 7-8 glasses of water daily. Add leafy and green vegetables to your food.It increase nutrients in your body and help your body to fight against the foreign bodies.

Wash your skin properly

Skin washing is also very important. When you went outside there are many bacterial which attack you face and can cause damage to skin cell.

So face cleaning is very important. Wash your face thoroughly twice a day, with a mild face wash.Make sure the cleanser which you are using should not be harsh or it will irritate your part.Use good moisturiser to make your face fresh.

Keep Your Belonging Also Clean

Cleaning your skin doesn’t end your duties.You also has to make sure that all the things which are around you is also neat, like your handkerchief, your pillow case , cell phone and even your hand.These articles spread bacteria harmful for your skin.

Half Hour Of Exercise

Exercise daily makes you fit but there are many other reasons, why you should spend half an hour, are the healthy skin you want. When you exercise, it regulates the flow of blood and when you sweat the waste material gets out of the face.

Remove Makeup Before Going To Bed

When you sleep your face veins also wants to rest and absorb oxygen.Makeup closes your skin pores, and doesn’t allow your skin to breath.

So before going to bed remove all your makeup well.

Use Sunscreen

Use a sunscreen of UV (ultra violet) protection from UV A and UV B. It can damage our skin cells. You may have seen tiny brown spots on the faces of some people that are due to the sun burn. Buy a cream with UV 24 or higher protection.

Get Enough Sleep

Last but not the least, you should have enough sleep. It also essential skin to relax and damage cells to get repaired and give you a flawless skin. These are the best tips to get clean skin naturally.

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