Not everything we know about winter heating methods work as we want! We used to consuming hot drinks for heating us, but it does not provide enough heat that you expect. Moreover, by consuming these drinks, our body is exposed at cold, so this is the opposite effect that we never want inwinter.But not only hot drinks are a mistake that we do in hope to warm up in winter. Many of the methods that we know from the ancestors actually does not help us very much.

Hot drinks emphasizes the sensation of cold

When we drink a hot beverage, our body adapts to that temperature by sweating. This things helps our body to cool it, so that's the reason that we sweat more in summer.

But in winter we will have an uncomfortable wet feeling that really accentuates the sensation of cold. Therefore, it should not drink hot beverage, but drinks addapted at temperature of the place that you are in.

Alcoholic drinks do not provide heat!

When we drink alcohol, our body temperature gets down, so the risk of hypothermia increases. Moreover, when we drink alcohol we prevent us from natural tremor, which keeps us warm. The warm feeling that we get when we drink a glass of alcohol stems from the fact that it dilates the blood vessels and allows a warm blood flow. But the effect is only temporary and, in fact, we lose body heat.

Ginger is the only one that generates heat.

Ginger is used for centuries as dietary supplement for fighting colds, motion sickness and stomach problems.

But ginger helps in making better blood moving. Doctors recommend one snack per day with ginger, either it is a tea at a temperature slightly above that of the camera, or a small cake with ginger.

White is the hottest color in winter.

The lack of social contact aggravates the negative feelings we experience.

It is perfectly true for cold sensation. A long way home in winter is coldest and toughest when you go alone than with someone. If you still have to go alone, we better give a call and talk with a person on the road. The more involved you are in a social activity, even the phone, the more easily endure cold and you will feel it less.

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