Depression is the disease of the 21st century. Anyone can have it no matter the age, social condition or nationality. The World Organization of Health estimates that 350 million people around the globe suffer of depression but only 25% of them follow the right treatment. The last stage of depression, if not treated, can lead to suicide. Every year 1 million people commit suicide because of depression.

Women are 3 times more exposed than men;2 out of 10 moms develop postpartum depression.

This disease is the result of emotional, cognitive, physical and social factors combined with conflicts (interior or exterior).

The symptoms are present for most part of the day almost every day for at least 2 weeks. The person involved doesn't necessarily realize or feel the symptoms; friends, family or people around the individual notice first.

The Symptoms are:

  • Bad mood- feeling sad, powerless or desperate most of the time for apparently no reason.
  • Extreme loss of interest- the person retires from the usual activity, the main affirmation is: "I don't feel like doing anything" or "I'm not interested in anything".
  • Weight modification - a person alters his body up to 5% or more in a month. It doesn't necessarily have to be weight loss, sometimes people have a higher appetite (especially for sweets).
  • Sleep disorder - Insomnia is the most common disorder, but over-sleeping can also be a symptom. It doesn't matter how much sleep a depressed person gets, it is not restful.
  • Hyperactivity - a depressed person can't stay in one place even for short time and he develops nervous ticks.
  • Slow reactions - a person who was this symptom cannot make fast decisions (even simple ones).
  • Suicide Thoughts - 80% of people who have one suicide attempt will try again.

Other small symptoms are: panic attacks, headaches, muscle pain.

There are 2 types of treatment: pills and psychotherapy. It depends on how severe the depression is. A full consult is necessary to determine the type of disorder and the correct treatment.

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