British modelCharli Howard decided to give her agency a slap on the wrist on social media, after they fired her for being too big. Although she was only a size 6, the agency suggested she should lose some weighton her hips in order to find work in the fashion industry. She replied that “being a woman, I can’t shave my hip bones down."Since the publication of her letter, she wasoverwhelmed with reactions, both good and bad. More models reacted on her Facebook telling they had the same experience.One mother cried out for help because her6-year old daughterwouldn’t eat anymore because she found she was fat.

Other reactions were quite bad, saying that she had to suck it up and she did not need to complain. Apparently this is a subject that moves many people.

She is not the first model facing this situation. Last month Australian model Rosie Nelson was told to "get down to the bone."At the same time, Swedish model Agnes Hedengård was desperate when she posted her video online, after being rejected for the same reason. The agency required 34 inches (87 cm) and 23 inches (59 cm) for hips and waist.

The fashion industry is imposing measurements on models that are no longer realistic.

Adult models are required to be tall and at the same time have the body of a child. This is driving many beautiful girls to despair, starving themselves and even endangering their own health.Two years ago, a 23 year old model Georgina Wilkin starved herself to the point that her organs started failing and she needed to be hospitalized.

Young girls loose their self esteem for being rejected all the time.

If many people tell them they are too big, eventually they start to believe it themselves. And this is not only endangering fashion models, but all young girls, who look at these models with the “ideal figure,” and desperately try to achieve the same result.

Why is the fashion industry putting these requirements on their models? Is this a chicken and egg situation? Do models have to be so thin because the clothes are so small of do they make small clothes for slender women?

Or maybe the problem is that designers can’t design clothes for women with normal curves?

These models do not represent the body of a normal woman, on the contrary. Women have curves, this cannot be ignored. But most models nowadays start at a very young age, sometimes hardly 13 years old. These are in fact children’s bodies, not fully developed as women. But little girls grow and get bigger.It is time the fashion industry opens its eyes and have a look at real people.

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