Looking for some great low budget costume ideas for 2015? Well, traditional costumes are usually based on frightening supernatural beings so you can always do it that way or you can be anything else that pops into your head and let your imagination run wild. Also, it is much more fun to make the costume than to simply go out and buy one, and, of course, it is cheaper. Here are 5 ideas for this year'sHalloween costume that are low budget and easy to make.

Scary and Retro

If you have been to at least one Great Gatsby party you can use that costume for Halloween and make it a little different, a little bit scary.

You don't need to take the 20's as the theme. For example you can be Audrey Hepburn from Breakfast at Tiffany's but just make sure it is a zombie, ghost, skeleton or a witch version of this nicecharacter. Just pick your favorite movie, book, comic or historic character and make it scary - the more innocent and nicer the character is, thebetter.

Spirited Away

No face from Spirited away is a simple and cheap mask to make and it is super scary. It can be done by applying makeup on your face or by simply making the mask.

If you are going to make it, you will need thin wire for the base of the mask, old newspaper glue which you can make from flour and water, an elastic band that you will put in the mask and some paint. Just make the base out of the wire and put small pieces of newspaper in the glue. Place it on the wire base until it is completely covered, and also put an elastic band on the mask. Let it dry, apply colors and your No Face mask will come to life.

In the end just find some black material which you can turn into a cape.

Gray Scale

Gray scale make up is a good idea since all you need is gray face paint. So, the idea is that you look like a black and white photo or an actor from a silent movie. Wear clothes that are black and white and just choose a theme. Paint all the visible skin parts gray, and if you want you can also apply makeup on your eyes.

With just a new hairstyle and some makeup an ordinary costume can become extraordinary!

Using Garbage Bags

A garbage bag and duct tape witch costume is interesting because sometimes the most unassuming supplies make the most creative costumes. This only requires a trip to some craft stores. A garbage bag is excellent material if you want to make something in the last minute or you don’t want to spend much money. Just make a skirt from a garbage bag and put it together with duct tape, paint your face, and put a witch hat. With a broom you already have in your house, your costume will be complete and you’re ready to go!

Human Stick Figure

Become a human stick figure with a monochromatic outfit and a contrasting tape color. For this costume you can make a face for stick figure out of thick paper or a mustache on a stick to make it more interesting and distinct.

So there you are - 5 new and awesome low budget Halloween costume ideas for this year!

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