The search and study proves that average man uses only 10% of its mind. We all know that it is our mind which enables us to take decision for the activity of brain itself and all other body parts. It may be unbelievable but it is true that we have the capability to increase our mind power. Here I will suggest you 9 ways, which will help you to increase your mind power.

1.Eat your breakfast daily

No matter how busy you are, never skip your breakfast, it provides you the energy to start your work for the day. Breakfast provide the essential nutrients to the brain. Add items rich in protein like egg, milk, banana which will increase your mind strength, in your breakfast.

2. Start day with exercise

Early morning exercise has lots of benefits. It helps in creating new brain cell and also repairs the damaged mind cells. Just spend half an hour daily, and you will feel the difference.

3. Try something new

There are lots of things to explore around you. Many of you want to do something new every day to get knowledge. Now it is scientifically proven that it stimulates your brain.

4. Book reading

From childhood often told that “books are your best friend” – it is rightly said because it increase the concentration power of our brain. We face less divergence. If you read through softcopy that might stress your optical nerves and you will experience headache. But books neither radiate harmful radiation nor create mental stress.

It only gives you knowledge and increase your mind power .

5. Be curious

“Curiosity is the mother of discovery”, when we become curious we come to know many unknown facts. And the facts and figure holding capacity of mind increases.

6. Positive thinking

You often have heard “think Positive”. You know why because otherwise your brain neurons get damaged.

Positive thinking creates new neurons and your mind power increases.

7. Say no to calculators

Calculators and electronic devices make you lazy and idle. Try to do calculations by yourself. Your memory will get sharper and you will remember the thinks at the correct moment.

8. Teach others

Teaching is a Nobel profession, but you will become happy to know that teaching not only help others but is also a good exercise for mind as well.

It allows you to interact with others and you analyses what are the views and opinion of different people toward any issue. It increases you understanding power and you will learn how to explain something.

9.Night sleep

Our body is like a machine and our brain controls all its activities. It also needs rest to function properly. In this competitive word it is very hard to rest at day time, but you should at least have 6 hour sleep. This allows our mind to relax if we would not do so then our mind will get exhausted and we will not be able to give our 100%.These are are key things for which will help you to increase your mind power.

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