Fall is a great time to visit Italy: if you are lucky enough to come across thosesunny and warm autumndays that make the Belpaese so unforgettable. It you have already visited Florence and gave a shot to the best 5 family-friendly restaurants there, get ready for 5 places that will blow your mind in Rome, from those in its amazing historical center to those located in one of the beautiful Roman parks.

Vivi Bistrot Villa Pamphili

The sun is out? Thengo toone of the most beautiful parks in Rome, Villa Pamphili, where its very heart hosts a restaurant that seems too good to be true: a perfect way to escape the chaos of the city and letyour kids go nuts.

Good both for those who seek a complete mealsbut also for those who simply want to have a cup of tea or a snack, Vivi Bistrot offers healthy and tasty cuisine made withorganic high quality products.Children can find a100% organic kids menu, plastic cups, high chairs, changing tables and, in summer, picnic baskets (for adults as well) that can be enjoyedon the grass.The restaurant also rents bicycles and organizes parties for children and adults.

Vivi Bistrot Palazzo Braschi

It's twin restaurant is placed in the splendid setting of Palazzo Braschi, overlooking Piazza Navona.

There you can enjoy delicious coffee, teas, and great healthy meals:organic salads, waffles, bagels, scones and other delicious food from all over the world.For children there is a dedicated menu, high chairs, changing tables and a kids corner with cooksand coloring tools, a wooden kitchen and other toys.


Lanificio is afascinating former woolen mill now become a multi-purpose complex, placed betweenrivers Aniene and Pietralata, overlooking a pristine corner of the city, in the North-Est area of Rome, Live are and music performances take place regularly.

A creative restaurantbases its menuson abiodynamic approach: On Saturdays and Sundays a "family lunch"is offered for12€ tochildren aged between four and ten, while children under three eat free.

Chiostro del Bramante

In the heart of Rome, a fascinating cloister designed by Bramante hosts a Cafe-Bistro wherekids can finehomemade cakes, brownies, muffins and cookies, as well as healthy food for lunch and dinner.

For children do not lack high chairs, changing table in the bathroom and the bottle warmer.The Accademia dei Piccoli is aspace dedicated to children, where special initiatives and courses are offeredby experienced educators.

Rome Cavalieri

If you want the best, the Rome Cavalieri is the place for you and your family: it is the first hotel to have become part, in Europe, of the exclusive Waldorf Astoria Hotels & Resorts network: excellence is ensured.For a truly unforgettable experience, go there with the kids for Sunday brunch. Children have access to a child size buffet with pasta, french fries and more high quality food,served in a large room.

Professional educatorsentertain them with showsand games.

If Rome is not transgressive enough for you, you can always head back to Vegas for the 5 top restaurants there.

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