Musician Snoop Dogg has announced that he is launching a marijuana website that will start in October. The new website will be called and Snoop Dogg is starting the marijuana website along with media entrepreneur Ted Chung.Snoop Dogg explained that the new website is planned to be an encyclopedia to the cannabis world, and will provide data and a hotline of info about marijuana for users. The site is expected to provide News on marijuana, as well as videos, original programs, and editorials.

Beta site testers being chosen the website

Even though this marijuana website won’t launch until next month, is picking 420 users daily to serve as testers for the beta version of the website. If you are interested in being a beta tester for, you can sign at the website now.

Snoop Dogg’s partner lauds the project

Snoop Dogg’s website co-founder Ted Chung says that he is excited about this endeavor of starting He says that there is definite interest in the topic of marijuana and its usage, and he believes their new website is going to go way beyond any others that are similar in nature in just the first few months.

He added that they already have support from actor Seth Rogen and singer Miley Cyrus, both who are known advocates of marijuana.

Snoop Dogg has history of involvement with marijuana usage

Snoop Dogg has been associated with marijuana usage in the past, and in fact was arrested on suspicion of the use of an illegal substance this past July in Sweden, which completely plans the drug. The incident occurred when roadside police saw that he appeared to be under the influence of an illegal drug.

Test results of the urine sample the police took were not announced, and the singer star said that he believed it was merely racial profiling and that the results showed nothing.

Snoop Dogg has never hidden his love for marijuana and admits that he is a smoker. While cannabis has been illegal in the US in the past, during the last few years, several US states have decriminalized cannabis use either for medical reasonsand in some states for recreational use.

However, it is still illegalon thefederal level.

Snoop Dog has said that he hopes that his new marijuana website would help marijuana users to be more frank about using it and tell others that they smoke it and like it.

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