Kim Kardashian and Kanye West – who are expecting their secondbaby, a new member of “the Kardashians” - had their wedding in May 2014 and, since then, they have been growing a strong relationship, both personal and professional.

Indeed, Kim declared that she always asks for Kanye's feedback, even if their not working on a common project. During a photo shoot for the Rolling Stone – the magazine focused on popular culture – she was sending him pictures to get his input and, according to what she said, he was sending her back love messages.

Being she into the pop culture, she found a good partner who support her passions and career.

Also, she highly appreciate him and take his advice seriously: “he is the most creative person I've ever met. Nobody understands and values the pop culture as much as she does.”

Selfish: Kim's book of selfies

There's an unexpected credit that nobody recognize to Kanye West: Kim's book of selfies. The rapper was the one who got the idea and did his utmost to make it happen. He created the book's design, chose the name “Selfish” and got in touch with Rizzoli Publications to get it published – pulling Kin Kardashian's photos out of Snapchat, Instagram and Twitter.

This was totally unkown before the cover star's interview: Kanye didn't take any credit for it. There are more projects he contributes to without any recognition: Kim even told that his husband has been beneficial for her career by always been there to help her with his feedback and advice about her work.

Kardashian and West chats about music

Music is a tough topic to chat about though: she feels insecure about sharing her opionions on certain topics. When it comes to music and songs, she feels shy on giving her opinion. That's understandable after all: he's one of the most famous rapper at the moment.

Anyway, Kim told that Kanye loves getting opinions and feedback from people, even if they are not expert in the field. Obviously, he know more than almost anyone else about music but still, his wife opinion is so important for him.

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