Romania is an Eastern European country with a population around 20 million. It's not a large country, but its size is almost the same as theUnited Kingdom. Romania has all forms of relief which confer the most beautiful landscapes and seascapes. I made a top fivewith the places that a tourist must visit in Romania.

5.Turda Gorgeis a natural reservation situated 15 km southest from Cluj-Napoca, Transylvania. This place has over 1000 species of plants and animals (some of them rare or endangered, like the wild garlic or some species of eagle).Alsocontains one of the richest and most scenic karst landscapes in Romania.

4.Mud volcanoesare located in eastern Romania, in Buzau.As the gases erupt from 3000 metres deep towards the surface, through the underground layers of waterand clay, they push up underground mudand salty water, so that they overflow through the mouths of the volcanoes, while the gas emerges as bubbles. It is a rare phenomenon in Europe and Romania has three such locations.

3. Merry Cemetery. It's unusual to laugh about the death of a person, but Romanians from Săpânta, a little village in Maramureș, don't share this view.

It has colourful tombstones with paintings that describe, in an original and poetic manner, the persons who are buried there as well as scenes from their lives. This place attracts thousands of tourists every year.

2. Bran Castle.Knownas Dracula Castle,it is located at the border between Transylvania and Wallachia. This fortress is a national landmark in Romania and had a strong military rolein the 15th century.

The way that he violently punished his rivals, Vlad Tepes, priceof Wallachia, inspired Bram Stoker's horror novel named Dracula.

1.Transfăgărășanis one of the world's most wonderful mountain roads. Built during the communist period, this road is 151 km long and provides unique and colorful landscapes. Also, the road climbs to almost 2100 meters high. TheTransfăgărășan road is both an attraction for landscapes and a challenge for those who love to climb slowly this kind of road.

The average speed is around 40km/h (25 mph) and that means it takes almost four hours to finish it.

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