Many people are afraid to go into the sea this season with all of the reported shark attacks, but in actuality, it’s more likely a deadly selfie will kill you, according to a report released on Tuesday by Mashable. A deadly selfie has killed at least 12 people this year, while sharks have only killed eight people. So, a phone selfie is something you had better careful about and have some common sense when pointing that selfie stick and phone camera.

Examples of Deadly Selfie, Injuries From Selfies

There are several examples of how a deadly selfie took someone’s like while they were taking a photo. For example, a Japanese tourist was killed when taking a selfie in front of the Taj Mahal, as he suffered a fatal head injury when he fell off a staircase. Four of the other selfie takers were also killed in some type of fall, with some falling off cliffs after getting too close to the edge.

Other people were killed during a selfie for doing insane things like trying to take a selfie near a passing train, running with bulls, standing near wild bears or other dangerous undertakings.

People Staring At Phone During Deadly Selfie, Not Surroundings

The main problem is that people are paying more attention to their phone or tablet cameras and trying to take a selfie and then they either fall or have something else happen to get themselves injured or killed. People on vacation are often in unfamiliar surroundings and don’t realize the danger they could be in.

Due to the problem, several places are now posting signs that tell tourists not to take a selfie in that location or to be careful taking them.

The thrill of a selfie is not worth someone’s death, says one business person. In fact, the Disney theme parks have actually forbidden selfie sticks and you can’t use them in any of their parks since June 2015. In Russia, they have even issued a guide on how not to get killed while taking selfies in their county.

Sharks Lag In Killing People, Selfies Winning

In comparison, shark attacks all over the world have only killed 8 people, even though there have been over 70 unprovoked attacks this year, with 22 happening in the US.

One shark attack death happened in the US in Hawaii, and the rest elsewhere, and the one in the US was the first accounting of a death by shark since 2013, showing the rarity of the event. The bottom line is that a deadly selfie is a real possibility, so be careful of your surroundings if you plan on taking selfies on your vacation or elsewhere.

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