Losing a loved one is never a easy thing. In fact, there is a guarantee that this is something we all will experience in at some point in life. And although getting older is inevitable, the hope is that the people involved as the caregivers will have the tools and support needed to be able to deal with some of the unexpected events that happen in life.While there are books on this subject and even television shows about health, there is something very special about when the opportunity read about and hear first had from someone you admire.

Many 70s sitcom fans will remember the lovely Bern Nadette Stanis from her role as Thelma Evans on the cult classic "Good Times", but this talented actress has been busy in a few other areas in her career as well. She is still active as an actress, but she is also a prolific writer. Her latest book is entitled "The Last Night" displays her other talents in many ways. The book is a celebration and ode to her late mother, but it is also a book created to inspire other caregivers all around the world.

With the success of her other publications, Bern Nadette Stanis was always planning another book.The original idea was that she and her mother would be sitting side by side, signing books they had written together. Bern Nadette was already traveling the country promoting other books she had published at that time, and she had her mom as her companion at every book signing.

This was a great plan, because people were very excited to meet them.

Many times fans would ask her questions about how she felt about having a daughter who was on TV. Her mom seemed to really like the idea of them writing a book together, but Bern Nadette soon discovered that this would never happen. Years before, here mother had been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s and the disease was moving in on them so much faster than they could form the ideas and organize the book.

Unfortunately, the book would now be authored by only writer due to an untimely passing of her mother. As healthcare providers and caregivers know, even after a dire diagnosis, there is still hope that things will change.

Soon after Bern Nadette began writing the pages that would become "The Last Night" and although difficult and through much grief and sorrow, she was finally able to complete the book in her mother's honor. This book was also written for the individuals who struggle with seeing their loved ones suffering through a monstrous disease or other life threatening illness. Bern Nadette Stanis puts it simply in these words, "May you travel with me through The Last Night-Caregiver’s Journey Through Transition and Beyond.

This book provides hope to many and inspired them to keep going through those dark times.

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