Beyond the Pale Ale, a beer from the American brewery Fish Tale Aleswon this year’s prestigious price of world’s best beer. Started as a small brewery in 1993 in Washington, they now have a modern installation with a capacity of 1015 barrels.

Since 2007, this competition elects yearly beers in 10 different categories that our savored over 3 different continents. Blind juries in America, Europe and Asia first make a selection of the regional beers. The winners of these selections compete for the world price in London. The beers are tasted by a jury consisting of journalists, brewers, retailers and obviously beer lovers.

The rest of the top 5 consist of 3 Belgian and one French beer. Over 600 beers competed in the final contest, mostly from Belgium and Germany, although America, Canada and the United Kingdom are well presented also. In the nine years existence of this award, USA was crowned as winner three times. In 2012 and 2010, Deschutes Brewery of Portland won the big price with his Red Chair Nwpa.

Although beer is popular all over the world, the last five years the total production stays around 1,93 billion hectoliters per year. Surprisingly, China is the largest beer brewing country with a total of 465 million hectoliters in 2013. While the total number of breweries worldwide nearly reaches 10.000 , most of the production is done by SABMiller and ABInbev.

The country that consumes the most beer is Czech Republic, with an amazing 146 l of beer per head ever year. US are only on the 14th place with 77 l per person.

Brewing your own beer is becoming very popular lately. Nowadays it is very easy to find all the equipment and products needed to make your own brew.

Beer is not strictly made of malt any more. Flavors are added, like herbs, fruit and even chocolate. There is quite a selection of gluten free beer on the market and even sugar-free beer exists.

With this variety of beers available, ask for specialty beer in your local pub, instead of a lager and support your local breweries.

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