Staying fit and eating healthy these days is something that many people tackle almost everyday in their lives. In Hollywood and in show business in general keeping fit and being healthy seems to go hand in hand. Whether, you are a model, actor or music performer, it is important to take care of yourself and look your best. The goal of a healthy lifestyle is imperative if someone wants to stay interesting and in demand for exciting role.

Success, in this area, as many of may know, sometimes depends on an exercise routine and mastering your diet which often times comes down to eating the right things.

However, with the vast majority of people juggling more than a few obligations, this can become a challenge for sure. "Parenthood" actress Erika Christensen is someone who knows distinctly about this specific situation. Having been an actress since 1997, she has been in the public eye for quite a bit of her young life. With traveling to set locations for movies, television shows or other endeavors, it can be a challenge to eat as healthy as she would like. As a result, Erika Christensen partnered with Lean Cuisine to share her thoughts and ideas on what she deems as healthy foods and she even revealed which dishes were her favorites.

These days, the Lean Cuisine is no longer focused on foods just for diets. Instead they are focusing on how most people, specifically, women in general shop and consume their meals each day. How do womenincorporate their breakfast, lunches and dinner into an already crammed day of activities? This really is important when companies reach out to their customers, and with so many people having such busy lifestyles, prepackaged healthy meals are definitely more attractive to people and helps them to stay as fit as they prefer.

This effort has become very important to high profile individuals such as Erika Christensen. She is a great example due to her happy, but busy lifestyle and she wanted to help spread the word to others. She has learned that even if you don't have the time to cook or prepare meals from scratch, there are other ways to enjoy nutritious choices alone or with your family.

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