The odds of making a love connection online have increased! Onethird of married couples today met online (according to The Proceedings ofthe National Academy of Sciences). In 2008, only 3%of adults used dating websites. By 2014, that number rose to 11% (Forbes Magazine). Though love can be timeless, it must also change with the times. This is what the love landscape looks like in the modern era:

Consumer Affairs counts1000 online dating sites currently in operation (this translates to millions of available matches). Whether you buy a subscription or download an app, there have never been more opportunities to make a connection.

According to a ComScore article (2013), only 35% of users utilized the mobile apps. Today, up to 60% of onlinedaters use the mobile client of their preferred site (love is literally at your fingertips). boasts more long-term matches than anyother site (and stresses the importance of a good profile). “ProfilePro" gives members the option of having an expert write an eye-catching profile for them.  Either way, make sure your headline is an attention-getter.  Also, a good trick is to compose your profile in aword document and copy/paste. This way, you can usespell check and other tools to ensure that it's as clean and inviting as it can be to attract potential partners. reports a correlation between the number ofphotos on a profile and the number of responses it gets.

Most sites allow up to 25 pictures (so make sure to  show yourself in  a variety of shots). Also, post photos no more than 5 years old. Surprise your datewith flowers or wine, not by looking 20 years older than your photos!

e-Harmony is known for having the mostextensive and time consuming process (according to

It can be overwhelming, but they claim to have the most user-friendly site, and the most accurate matches. That said, they're among the costliest, so make sure to do your research and find the right platform for your budget.

Check your daily matches, read profiles, play games, and do surveys. Think outside the box and keep an open mind.

As a friendly reminder, e-Harmony doesn't allow samesex searches, so find the platform that best suits your lifestyle and proceed accordingly.

Online dating has not only become an accepted method to find love, it's become the new normal. As time goes on (and the success rate continues to grow), blind dates and getting set-up only within your inner circle may very well become a thing of the past. There are plenty of fish in the sea (and the world), and, thanks to continued advancements in technology (and love algorithms), you now have that world in the palm of your hand. Go forth, and find what it is you seek!

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