Americans are reporting improved health and better healthcare just two years after ObamaCare health insurance became available, according to a new study published on July 28  in the Journal of the American Medical Association. Nearly 500,000 Americans found improvements in insurance coverage, according to the studies.

“Trends for these measures before the Affordable Care Act were significantly worsening for all outcomes,” said Dr. Benjamin Sommers.

Having a good diet can help you live a longer and healthier life. Many studies have proven that many illnesses can be controlled or even prevented by eating the right things.

Staying away from alcohol, cigarettes and drugs could be a most important thing to stay healthy.

Healthy lifestyle is a way of living, which is supposed to  protect us from common diseases, such as diabetes, atherosclerosis, tumors or the most common, especially in USA, obesity.

Keep your diet clean

Of course a daily diet plays a big role when it comes to our health. But what really is a “healthy diet plan”? If we want to have a balanced diet, it's necessary to kick  all the junk food out of our menu, such as highly processed foods - sodas, crisps, any kind of sweets.

Wholegrains and vegetables should be the biggest piece of our daily menu. They are rich in nutrients.  The next way to maintain a healthy lifestyle is to get enough sleep. During the night, our brain and rest of the body regenerates in sleep, so if we don't sleep at least 6-7 hours a day, we may suffer from frequent headaches, obesity or even depression.

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The next determinant of a healthy lifestyle is  physical activity. Exercises give our bodies a lot of benefits - when exercising, we maintain a slim and toned body and prevent diseases connected with the circulatory system. Also  exercising enhances brain function; the exhale of serotonin improves our mood and prevents depression.

Stay away from cigarettes

Any drugs or stimulants drastically lower health levels. The biggest enemies of the body are cigarettes, damaging our lungs, brain, skin. Tthe majority of people suffering from lung cancer or other tumors are people who smoke cigarettes daily. It's important to give up smoking to remain healthy and in a good condition.

Alcohol is not that toxic to our bodies, but we need to know which kinds of drinks are okay to drink from time to time, and which kinds to avoid. The healthiest liquor is wine, mainly red. Wine not only is the least damaging, but, in fact, it is healthy! Red wine is full of antioxidants, which prevent cancer and infarction.  #News