There is a simple answer to what separates happy people from unhappy people. Happy people are happy and unhappy people are not. But what do they do that is so different?

1. Happy people love instead of fear

They are less afraid, but their love for others is a lot more intense. They are aware of every moment, they accept each opportunity as a new challenge, and they treat these challenges as a way to get to know the world, and themselves more intimately. 

2. Happy people are stoics

They accept that they cannot control every situation.

When the universe deals a difficult hand, they accept it, and play with what they're dealt! But they acknowledge that there may be a greater meaning behind this situation, and try to learn from it. After all, a poor hand might be a winning hand, if you play it right. They always look on the bright side!

3. Happy people are able to forgive

Unhappy people keep anger deep inside themselves, which can be very unhealthy. By contrast, positive people choose to forgive, rather than hate. They treat forgiveness as a gift for themselves, and are rewarded with happiness. Let bygones be bygones! 


Happy people can trust others

Carefree people trust themselves firstly and foremost, but they also trust those around them. Rich or poor? It doesn't matter! A person is judged by their personality, not the money in their pocket. They are respectful to other people regardless of circumstance or background, and are always honest with them.

5. Happy people are not ambitious.

Content people live life on their own terms, not a life that is dictated by our modern, techno-centric world.

They do what they want, and do not care what others think. This is good for the soul and their internal harmony. They refuse to embrace the neoliberal dictum that capital is akin to self-worth, there are more important values to embrace, like love.

6. There is a beauty in every person.

Content people do not dwell on man's negative qualities, but focus on their positive attributes. 'If you have nothing nice to say, then don't say it at all', is their mantra.

By being positive and complementary you allow a person to learn and become a good person. Eventually, they will pass these values onto their children, and the world will be a better place for it.

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