Don't worry you are not alone! Most girls in love will do these seven embarrassing things, but they won't admit it. Even to their closest friends!

1. In your spare time you obsessively study your boyfriend's Facebook. You stalk his friends, his family, and even his ex-girlfriend's profile! Obviously, you pretend that you didn't know his best friend went on holiday to Paris recently, even though you've seen the photos!

2. You make sure that your name won't sound weird if you get married. Then you practice your 'new' signature in a notebook that you've purchased especially for this occasion!

3. You cannot stop imagining what your wedding will be like. What dress will you wear? What suit will he be in? What will you call your first child? Where will you live? In your head you are already a married couple, man and wife, and you love it!

4. You re-read old text messages and facebook messages from him. Whenever he sends you a romantic message you want to copy it and send it to all your friends. You want them to be jealous about how awesome your new boyfriend is!

5. You can't get him out of your head!

You create adorable nicknames for him, but you would never say them out loud! You don't want to get dumped already!

6. You are terrified about meeting his parents for the first time! What if they hate you? More importantly, what happens if your parents don't like him?!

7. You pretend to not care that your boyfriend is going to a party without you. But in reality you are incredibly jealous. You want a camera there, so you can watch his every movement! When he doesn't reply to your last text message instantly, you start imagining worst-case scenarios in your head. You can't sleep until he gets home, especially if he is partying with other girls! 

Now for some advice! Girls, it is important to let your man go out with his friends. If you trust him, and he trusts you, then there is absolutely nothing to worry about. Let him have fun and his own space, and he will be yours forever!

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