Ever wished that you could strut through the arrivals gate at virtually any great city in the world, better informed than any local about the city's hottest new gems, before they have even opened?! Take my word for it, now "U" really can be the first to know…

The seatbelt signs have switched off; you are quite comfortably settled into your eight-hour abode. You are flying from London to New York. Your visit is tied to business commitments, or perhaps you are merely treating yourself to a short city break.

Either way, you are time-starved, yet hungry to squeeze every last drop out of the hottest new bars and hotels, the craziest pop-ups, the swankiest events, and the sweetest restaurants that the big apple is made of, but you don't want to choke on any of its pips… 'You know, there is a flight from London to NYC every 15 minutes?!'… Sat in the idyllic al fresco terrace at Kensington Pavilion, London, the voice of Mr Hugo Campbell-Davys - the 35-year-old, super-cool and well spoken, yet humble genius, who has been deemed 'London's best connected man' by the London Evening Standard - fuels my New York envisioning.

'The idea is: you're on your flight over from London to New York, or vice versa, and you can start building a list of places to go', he continues, 'I've always had that frustration of people complaining when they've gone to the wrong restaurant, had the wrong table, or found out about an event too late'. Such unfortunate scenarios when you visit any destination, of course, are what I mean by the 'pips'; however, thanks to one man, such choking hazards can finally be avoided.

Campbell-Davys is the Founder of Urbanologie, the curative lifestyle global destination guide - based in London, and born out of a mere hobby: http://uk.blastingnews.com/london/2015/06/london-calling-discover-what-our-ultimate-networker-and-his-urbanologie-can-do-for-u-00439395.html - that is updated on a daily basis to reveal the 'high-end, 'hip', and 'happening' to its current 6,500 members in what is presently eight destinations worldwide, including London, Ibiza and Dubai.

For the very reasonable annual membership of £100, members gain access to the exclusive website and the everything-in-one-place app - launched five weeks ago - to have Hugo quite literally at their fingertips wherever they are in the world: 'It's in the user's hands, a constant luxury travel companion, with loads of destinations on one platform'. Launched in New York last November, and taking LA and Miami by storm in recent months, Urbanologie has been 'very well received in the States'.

Back in your eight-hour seat, somewhere above the Atlantic, you swipe across your touch-screen until you lay eyes on your new best friend, the kind of best friend you never want to lose, the kind that is not only well-connected, but also happens to be well-travelled: your Urbanologie app… 'Then, if you want to go to New York' - Hugo swipes his index finger across his screen, giving me a guided tour of the app - you're in New York…SO quick.

There you are right there - "U" - and "U" can navigate yourself anywhere'. It is essential to distinguish between Urbanologie's manifesto, and your standard concierge. 'Our brand logo is the world according to "U"', clarifies our guru, 'we're placing concierge back into the hands of the user; it's much more fun discovering new places for yourself, living like a local'. On the New York webpage, the weekly "U: To do" informs the New York resident, or traveller, of three not-to-be-missed places or events; 'we also recently did a guide for swanky places to hang out in the Hamptons and Montauk, the states is key for us', Campbell-Davys beamed.

Mark Twain once said: 'Make your mark in New York and you are a made man'. Well, I can safely say that I have met a man who has taken Twain's advice, next mark: Monaco!

"U to do": Start spreading the news, I'm leaving today… New York, New York…join Urbanologie now, "U'll" want to be a part of it…

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