Want to succeed? Here are 15 good habits to get inspired.  

1. Listen to audiobooks during your commute: 63% of millionaires do it.

2. Steer clear of the vending machine: most wealthy people eat fewer than 300 empty calories a day.

3. Make a list before you leave the office: 81% of people with more than $3.2 million in liquid assets keep a to-do log.

4. Don't retire - ever: not because you can't; because you don't want to. The highest earners – those who pull in more than $750,000 a year – don't plan to retire until they're at least 70, more than five years after their not-so-wealthy counterparts, according to a study from the research firm Spectrem Group.

5. Wake up while it's still dark: early risers are more proactive and optimistic, says German biologist Christoph Randier. One study found that 44% of multimillionaires wake up at least three hours before work.

6. Focus on the future: make financial choices, about your career, home, etc. based on what will pay off in 20 years, says keith Cameron Smith, author of the top 10 distinctions between millionaires and the middle class. The wealthiest people have the longest-term thinking.

7. Make a lateral move or take a step down: do it if the result may create an opportunity to earn more or propel your career forward, says Amanda Augustine, a career-management expert at the subscription-based job-search site theladders.

8. Become your own boss: more than two thirds of those on the 2014 forbes 400 were self-made.

9. Consider an Amazon membership: a surprising 62% of wealthy consumers shop at the site, according to the Shullman Research center.

10. Juice your savings: people who have at least $1 million in their 401(k) save an average of 19% of their income (14% comes out of their pay, and about 5% gets matched by their company), according to Fidelity.

11. Give to charity: nearly all millionaires do.

12. Take on an adviser: 77% of millionaires hire someone to manage their wealth.

13. Ditch the business deal that doesn't seem right: wealthy people look at the numbers and use gut feelings to determine when something isn't working. no matter how much money they invest in a project, they'll walk away if they sense it won't succeed, says Robert Prosen, CEO of the Prosen Center for Business Advancement.

14. Network for five hours or more a month: 79% of millionaires do.

15. Clean out your voice mail: 86% of people with more than $3 million return phone calls immediately – regardless of who rang.

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