Renting a one-bedroom apartment in Los Angeles is getting more expensive by the month, but there's nothing like "Billionaire's Beach" in Malibu. The latest house to be put to rent in the location, officially called Carbon Beach, belongs to Leonardo DiCaprio.

The Wolf of Wall Street star is asking for $23,000 per month during the off-season and more than double, $50,000, during the summer. It's not a huge house, but if offers three bedrooms and two bathrooms in one of the most luxurious and naturally beautiful locations in California.

The fancy nickname is due to all the A-star tenants of Carbon Beach, which comprises 70 lots. We're talking stretching legs in the sun with the likes of David Geffen, Oracle's Larry Ellison and Microsoft's Paul Allen. The houses are built on the sand and public access is restricted, although some paparazzi try to catch some glimpse of the rich and famous from afar.

According to Forbes, Leonardo DiCaprio bought the property for $1.6 million in 1998, and the average price for a lot goes up to $15 million (figures from Associated Press).

Trulia website has some pictures of the crib and it looks very good: hardwood floors, a cozy kitchen in white and blue, a spa and a barbecue area. Did some Wolf of Wall Street-like parties go down in there? Probably yes.

Leonardo DiCaprio had previously sold his house in Malibu for over $17 million, two years ago. He's said to be preparing to star in a new high-profile movie, directed by Hollywood's monster Clint Eastwood.

According to Deadline, DiCaprio will star side by side with Jonah Hill in a movie about a failed bomb plot: the script is to be written by Billy-Ray and tells the story of Richard Jewell, the security guard who uncovered a bomb threat in the 1996 Atlanta Olympic games. Jonah Hill is playing Jewell and DiCaprio will play his lawyer - because the security guard ended up being probed as a possible terrorist.

Meanwhile, Rihanna has denied rumours that she and DiCaprio were dating. The two Celebrities were spotted together a few times and speculation run about; but the singer said it's the blogs messing with her again.

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