The victims of the 7.9 magnitude quake that shook Nepal on Saturday are still waiting for help from the authorities. The aid was promised on Tuesday, but in some remote areas, people could not be reached, despite having received support and supplies from around the world - either in the form of government aid or donations.

Up until this day, the full casualties of the phenomenon are still unknown - an estimated 4,600 people were killed, and a great number of buildings and roads were destroyed. It is estimated that the number of deaths could reach 10,000, as more information is being gathered about the situation of remote villages and towns, according to prime minister Sushil Koirala.

The last earthquake of this magnitude shook the nation in 1934, and at that time, there were 8,500 recorded victims, which is all the more reason why the prime minister's statement is concerning. In case of this quake, the number may pass the 10,000 mark. "It is a challenge and a very difficult hour for Nepal," - prime minister Koirala declared.

With hundreds of houses still not reached, the government is on full alert to aid those that still remain trapped. The earthquake also caused an avalanche on Mount Everest and the number of victims is estimated to be 18.

Because of the aftershocks affecting the infrastructure, along with the lack of funds, rescuers find themselves in a difficult spot.

The weather also played a huge part, as the heavy rain on Tuesday only made things worse, slowing down the process of reaching and aiding those in need.

The resources - in particular, water, food, and power - are very limited, the hospitals are overcrowded and people have no place to sleep. Most of them use improvised tents or sleep directly on the pavement in this time of distress.

Officials have admitted that they have not expected these kinds of repercussions and are doing everything in their power to cope with the aftermath of the disaster and reach those areas where help and support are desperately needed.

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