Earlier this year, President Obama proposed an elimination of all Community College fees, citing the importance of having a post-secondary education in the current economy. The proposal aims to empower the working class families and their children, and help them gain an education that will allow them the opportunity to compete for the higher paying jobs. Currently, the nation has 1,123 Community Colleges and if President Obama's proposal gets accepted, tuition-free Community Colleges may propel a great investment into a wider economy.

The proposal would help a whole range of students, from those seeking to get into further education, to adult students looking to gain new skills and break through the class barriers.

This month is the Community College awareness month, which promises to be a perfect opportunity to reflect on the contributions Community Colleges have made, and have the capacity to make, to the nation's economy. According to the American Association of Community College (AACC), the Community College graduates go on to a higher paying jobs, contributing $285.7 billion in tax revenues, while on average saving $19.2 billion of taxpayers' money in social and other safety net services.

The study also found that the graduates enjoy better health and experience lower crime rates.

AACC's 95th National Convection is set to take place in San Antonio, TX from the 18th to the 20th April where more than 2,000 the Community College leaders and professionals from every state will gather to celebrate the accomplishments of the Community Colleges around the country, while looking forward to even further achievements in the upcoming years.

Obama's proposal might be one of the key discussions at the convention, as the AACC continues the fight for a non-profit education that serves the public and creates an economic mobility for everyone. In addition to economic mobility, AACC underlines that support from the Community Colleges is an investment, not only in future students, but in the economy of the nation.

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