People go to Coachella for the music, the art, and to be seen. Namely, to be seen wearing the most provocative, outrageous, cute, funny or creative outfit of the festival. That's what's striking when you roam around the Empire Polo Grounds. Everyone seems to have a better idea than you do about looking-cool-and-fresh-at-the-festivals.

In this year's first weekend, there were a lot of trends that made me think I missed the memo. Here are the ones I've witnessed:


There's no such thing as "too short" in Coachella fashion.

Nope. It's actually kind of conservative to wear shorts that cover the butt cheeks. A must this year was the combination extremely-short-shorts and tight tops (so long, crop tops). The Jersey Shore girls are conservative comparing to this.


Not talking bikini tops, which abounded at the festival, but actual bras serving as upper body clothing. It's true that Indio, where the festival is located, offers brazing temperatures in April; but why women would choose to wear only black, laced bras with nothing on top of them is beyond me.

There was also the side boob effect, as some women decided to go braless in revealing outfits. Extra points for fitness, as most of them were pretty fit.


If you don't wear some crazy hairdo or accessory in the head, you're not doing Coachella right. There are the obvious and classic flower crowns, and there is the 70's-inspired straight hair with a band on the forehand thing; there's also the top knot buns and the add-ons hairstyles for proper character introduction (yes, there was some cosplay going on).

Metallic temporary tattoos.

They were literally everywhere this year. On faces, arms, hands, fingers, backs, necks, legs; whoever is selling the metallic temporary tattoos for Coachella is making a lot of money. Plot twist: you're original if you DON'T have one.


How many shirtless guys can you bear in one go? Thousands, if you're at Coachella. Unsurprisingly, all of them complete with six-packs and hairless chests.

The frat boy thing is real.

Completely stupid.

Men's fashion is not as interesting as women's, unless they're dressed as polka dot napkins or teddy bears (which some were). Or they can be utterly stupid and shocking, like the guy who wore a t-shirt with the saying: "Eat Sleep Rape Repeat." It was shared on Twitter by Jemayel Khawaja, Thump's managing editor, and quickly went viral and sparked outrage. Which was probably what the guy wanted. Good luck getting dates now, man.

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